‘He was shouting for help, there was a lot of blood’: Teenage boy stabbed to death with a ‘samurai sword’ in Thornton Heath

A murder investigation has been launched after a 15-year-old boy was been stabbed to death in Croydon.

The schoolboy who was knifed to death in Thornton Heath has been named locally as Jermaine Goupall.

Police were called at around 11pm on Tuesday, August 8, to a teenager stabbed in Georgia Road near the junction with Green Lane, Thornton Heath.

Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and found the victim suffering from stab injuries.

He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly before midnight.

An eyewitness has told of the moment he rushed over to help the schoolboy who had been stabbed multiple times with a “samurai sword”.

Jermaine Goupall, 15, is believed to have been chased across Green Lane and up Georgia Road with a pal by thugs armed with the martial arts weapon.

His friend panicked and began knocking on a nearby door but when the family inside did not answer he hid beneath their 4×4.

But Jermaine, a pupil at St Joseph’s in Crystal Palace , was not so lucky and is believed to have been stabbed several times, at least once in the side.

He was heard screaming “help, help” before residents rushed from their homes to his aid.

One resident who did not want to be named said: “He was shouting ‘help’, there was a lot of blood.

“As I understand it he ran off across Green Lane and up Georgia Road.

“When I did go down he was on the pavement and there was a lot of blood.

“He had been stabbed more than once, he was mumbling, the ambulances were already being called.

“The police arrived shortly afterwards. I was helping with the phone call.

“We were being told what to do over the phone, the wound was on the pavement side. He was stabbed in his side.”

One resident said this tragic incident was part of a growing problem in the area.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said she doens’t feel safe going to pick up the groceries any more.

“What is happening around Thornton Heath is that a lot of children who used to live around here, their parents have alcohol issues, they’ve got mental helth issues,” she said.

“They don’t live around here anymore but they’re on this road everyday.

“You and me could just be standing here and they could drive by and shoot at us.

“Mind you, I’m sure a lot of young people know what is happening but nobody will speak up.

“I am scared now, I am going to my friend’s house because I’m so scared now to even shop.”

Erouwo Olhoka, who lives just down the street from where the attack happened said people weren’t taking this kind of thing seriously enough.

“It’s really really painful,” he said.

“People are just taking it too easy, it’s not fair.

“Something needs to be done, If someone comes up to me with a knife, what can I do? I don’t have anything to protect myself.

“Whatever is happening, it’s going to affect every single one of us.

Detectives are appealing for information.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Lynes leading the investigation said: “I am keen to hear from anyone who has information concerning the series of events that led up to this murder.

“We know that there were a number of people in the area and I appeal to them to come forward and speak with police about what they may have seen.

“At this early stage we retain an open mind as to motive and even if a piece of information seems insignificant, it may provide a vital piece of the puzzle for our investigation.”

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “A post-mortem examination will be arranged in due course.

“Officers remain at the scene and cordons are in place.

“There have been no arrests at this early stage.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101.

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