Hunting ban: I don’t care about foxes – I just hate posh people

Ugh (Picture: Rex) Like most right-thinking people, the sight of red-clad huntsmen braying at one another as they gallop after a fox makes me want to puke. But it’s not really the cruelty that bothers me: it’s their honking, twittish voices

New Horizons probe will arrive at mysterious dwarf planet Pluto tomorrow

Pluto, as pictured by New Horizons Picture NASA) A NASA probe which has been travelling to Pluto for more than nine years is expected to reach its closest approach tomorrow. The probe, powered by a Star… Read the full story Metro » News | Me

At last, there’s an agreement on Greece

(Picture: EPA/KAY NIETFELD) Greece has finally reached an agreement with the eurozone following talks about their third bailout. EU President Donald Tusk tweeted that the EuroSummit ‘has unanimously reached agreement’, however also spoke

Topless animal rights protesters stages protest against Pamplona bull run

Animal rights protesters demonstrate for the abolition of bull runs and bullfights, three days (Picture: Reuters) Animal rights activists have stripped half naked and covered themselves in fake blood to protest the Pamplona Bull Run. Protesters fro

This is why we all need to learn Arabic…

The British Council are pushing to teach Arabic in schools (Picture: Getty) More than 300 million people speak the language – can you? A study shows that use of the Arabic language is becoming more and more vital for the UK’s long-term cultur

Disabled man recieving £1.3k benefits is caught carrying 17-stone scooter up steps

Gwynfor Jones, 50 uses a mobility scooter to travel around Bournemouth (Picture: The Sun) A disabled former trucker has been seen carrying his mobility scooter up steps while claiming £1,340 a month in benefits. Gwynfor Jones from Bournemouth cl

A sassy 101-year-old lady called Doris just became the world’s oldest abseiler

101 year old Doris Long makes a world record breaking abseil (Picture: Wenn) This is Doris and she’s the coolest pensioner you’ll ever meet. No really… she’s 100% sass and you’re going to wish she was your grandma. Doris Long

Pensioner arrested on suspicion of murder as two more residents die after hospice fire

Dozens of people were evacuated from a hospice A pensioner has been arrested on suspicion of murder following a suspected arson attack on a hospice. The fire at St Michael’s… Read the full story

Man arrested for child neglect after trying to sell baby in a shopping centre

Police released this image of the man earlier today Police have now made an arrest after a man tried to sell a baby in a shopping centre. Earlier today, we reported a man pushing a baby in a pram approached a member of the public on Deansgate near Ba

Fitness instructor told people to get fit so they can run from terrorists

brightcove.createExperiences(); When it comes to getting fit, most people will claim that they’re hoping to lose a few pounds, or just improve their

Teen spent £500 on school prom dress then got told she couldn’t go

Rhianna Richards in the £500 dress her parents bought her.… Read the full story

Summer’s over and it’s going to be crap this week

Stunning lightning storm of the coast near Bournmouth (Picture: BNPS) Put away the tanning oil and short shorts – the clouds are back and here to stay. At least for this week. After temperatures have soared over 30C – British weather i

Pictured: Boy, 16, electrocuted after climbing on freight train

Kyle Bradley who died after appearing to come into contact with overhead power cables (Picture:… Read the full story

Doctor jailed for giving people chemo when they didn’t need it

A highly respected doctor has been described as a ‘monster’ after he told more than 500 people that they had cancer when they didn’t. Dr Farid Fata, 50, told some of them that they had terminal blood cancer in order to make money f

Prisoner sawn almost in half and had his organs removed ‘by cellmate’

Nicholas Anthony Rodriguez An inmate was found chopped almost in half 15 hours after a prison riot, it has been revealed. Many of Nicholas Anthony Rodriguez’s organs were also removed before his body was folded and stuffed into a rubbish bin at